Father’s Day – How to eat unagi in Nagoya way

Happy Father’s Day! Dad, I am sorry, I was too busy to send you a card or gift. Also, there’s the postal strike in Canada…

However, I cooked Hitsumabushi which you are a big fan of. I am paying homage to you!

Hitsumabushi is a well-known dish from Nagoya♥♥ To put it simply, it is a rice bowl with bbq eel. What is the difference from regular una don (rice bowl with bbq eel)? The way of eating it is different and so addictive!

1st bowl: eat as is
Eat like regular una don with a hint of sansho a.k.a. Japanese/Chinese peppercorn

1st bowl

2nd bowl: eat with wasabi, seaweed, chopped green onions
Enjoy the bowl with three toppings

2nd bowl

3rd bowl: pour green tea/dashi
Make it like ochazuke (rice bowl with tea/dashi) with three toppings

3rd bowl

I can’t find Western Japan’s eel here and I really miss “real” hitsumabushi… What am I talking about? The eel is supposed not to be steamed if it is for hitsumabushi. Generally speaking, from Shizuoka to the East, eel is steamed and cut from the back (sebiraki). From Aichi to the West, it is not steamed and cut from the belly (harabiraki). So, Nagoya’s cooked eel is harder and has a texture whereas Shizuoka’s one is softer and melts in your mouth. I love both, though.

Anyway, I hope I can eat this with my dad when I get home…(´∀`*)ウフフ
Hitsumabushi @ 蓬莱軒(Houraiken) and Unadon/Unaju @ 康川(Yasukawa)