The Best Grocery Shop in Vancouver

I went to Cambie Village to run some errands. Then I dropped by Whole Foods Market to get some fish. Although my neighbourhood (Hastings – Sunrise) is great in terms of grocery shopping, I am not satisfied with fish I can get there. Whole Foods has a great variety of fish and seafood – needless to say, everything is fresh! Salmon, tuna, halibut, sole, mackerel, clams, oysters etc. either plain or marinated/flavoured. I wish I could get all of them! On top of fish and seafood, their baked goods, deli, and sweets totally seduced me! I loved the market so much and will definitely go back to do more shopping! It is a bit pricey for me, but some are pretty much reasonable like fresh pasta – only $1.57 or so! Shopping at Whole Foods would be a special day for me! Here’s what I cooked tonight at Ristorante Momo.

Appetizers: mozzarella and tomato, prosciutto and brie, crab meat-stuffed mushroom, marinated eggplant with sundried tomato

With Prosecco…

Main: Smoked salmon and cream cheese fresh pasta

Dolce: Tiramisu, chocolate and cherry with coffee

Today is not a special occasion, just a regular day, dinner for one. I know it looks crazy as I am taking a lot of efforts to make it look lovely. But, I like cooking and decorating or putting food on the plate nicely. Today’s lunch – chicken saute with eggplant blanket and fresh salsa was such a summery menu!

Of course, with dessert♥

When are you coming to my restaurant? lol.