I wrapped up my short-but-enough-summer-holiday with having burgers 2 days in a row!
Yesterday, I went to The Red Wagon, classic diner in the heart of Hastings-Sunrise!

I’ve got a pulled pork burger with fries which was very huge!

The bun was soft, pork was very soft and tasty (a bit salty for me). The server was cute and friendly. One of the disappointments was we missed their blueberry pie! When we got there, we spotted some blueberry pies and we really wanted to try! By the time we were ready for dessert, it was sold out! Warn you, make sure to save your pie in advance:) We tried a slice of apple pie and it was ok.

Today, I had a salmon burger at home. I got most of ingredients from Whole Foods Market and Donald’s Market. To make up some excuse to justify my “healthy diet”, I baked french fries in the oven and added a bowl of salad! It is healthy, yes?

The patty was so thick and the burger was very big for my small mouth… But it was tasty!

Ok, I am going back to work tomorrow! No more eating by instinct, stay healthy!