Four ways to enjoy Japanese curry

I cooked Japanese curry, or カレー last week and it ended up with becoming 5 servings in a big pot! Well, that always happens if you follow the instruction and use 1 box of curry mix.

How would you enjoy this 5 dishes of curry if you just live by yourself? Just keep them in the freezer? The answer is no. There are alternatives! Here are some yummy survival recipes.

1st serving: eat as is
Enjoy your curry as is. Add soy sauce or tonkatsu sauce for a change. If the curry is too spicy for you, use strawberry jam to adjust the taste – this is my family secret and I used to do that when I was little! Also, butter rice (add 1 tablespoon of butter (unsalted) for flavour and mix well) goes well!

2nd serving: yaki curry

Put rice (add 1 tablespoon of butter and mix well – it keeps moisture of rice) in a dish (oven safe), cover with curry topped with cheese and chopped pasley, bake till cheese gets golden. Nom nom…

3rd serving: asa curry
This is what Ichiro – Seattle Mariners baseball player eats in the morning! Basically, eating curry as a breakfast. It was new to Japanese people as curry has been dinner and/or lunch options. However, people started to buzzing about benefit of breakfast curry – increasing efficiency and productivity. Why are you being hesitant to eat curry in the morning? Give it a try!
*linked article is in Japanese

Fourth serving: curry udon
curry udon
Boil udon noodles and set aside. Heat leftover curry and add some water to make broth. Add 1 or 1 1/2 tablespoon of tsuyu (liquid broth for udon/somen/soba noodles) and bring to boil. Add chopped green onions and udon noodles.

What would I do with the fifth serving? I look forward to hearing your ideas!