ATM (Appetite Teller Machine)

Weekend is the best time to invest time in cooking. It is the time to employ ideas, creativity and knowledge you have and make it happen.

As I pretend to be a morning person from Mon – Sat, Sunday is my special day to sleep in until 10 or so. Last weekend was not as great as usual because of time change! I ended up waking up at 8am!

However, this early bird call made me cook good looking breakfast.

Ham and Cheese french toast sandwich with spinach green salad with grapefruit. It may sound a little bit adventurous to combine spinach and grapefruit, but I have seen this salad when I helped dinner catering. Actually, it really goes with balsamic vinegar-based dressing. Instead of grapefruit, I tried with strawberry and orange as well. Sprinkle sliced almond or pine nuts to add some texture. IT IS REALLY REFRESHING!

spinach salad

Then here comes my dinner. Again, I made spinach salad topped with fried chickpea this time. I have had a bowl of salad which is similar to this picture at Campagnolo before and really wanted to make it at home.


Followed by salad, spaghetti with cabbage and shrimp creamy sauce filled up with my appetite. I looked up two different recipes online and combined together. It turned out really well as you can see it!


Dark chocolate Grand Marnier cake with whip cream and strawberry adjourned for the weekday recess.

While I do not have enough time to cook like this on weekdays, I still brainstorm what I want to cook on weekend or seek new recipes. This can be called deposit I make during weekdays and it is withdrawn on weekend.