Hot Pot

Winter has come. We, Vancouverites experienced the first snow this week. Now, it is getting colder and it is time for the hot pot!

hot pot

hot pot 2

Ingredients: Cod, shrimp ball and a lot of vegetables with konbu dashi soup
How to eat: dip in ponzu sauce with chopped ginger and green onion
Leftover: Add miso and make miso soup

I also got winter ale which has a little bit of vanilla flavour. Hot pot with beer… irresistible…

winter ale

If you live in Vancouver area, one of the best places you could get a small/big pot is in Chinatown. If you try to negotiate, sometimes you can get few bucks off! I got my black pot at the store next to the sunrise market and they gave me $2 discount! Alternatively, Yokoyaya in the Tinseltown would be another option.

As for ingredients, T&T would be a great place to get fish, sliced meat and vegetables. Currently, they are even doing a hot pot recipe contest! Should I enter…???

Time for hot pot, eh?