Dreaming of Fine Dining

As recession hits, sustaining fine dining is getting more and more difficult. Some restaurants had to close, the other had to change their menus from high-end to more affordable/casual.

However, we should appreciate the beauty of fine dining. Like El Bulli or CORTON, their creativity and passion for cooking are superb. These chefs are one of the people I really admire and respect.

Last Saturday was municipal election day as well as the week we had the first snow. To celebrate this double excitements, I attempted to do something fine dining-ish at home.

This is a menu I made:)
first snow menu




First time cooking orange beurre blanc! Taste refreshing!

I named this “snow white.”
snow white

My current fav wine: Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc goes well with seafood dishes.

Of course, this is totally different from experience at fine dining, but this attempt made me more appreciate dining out at fancy restaurants for sure. Can’t wait for holiday dine out season!