I am not sure if it is true, but my mom often tells me eat pork when you are tired.
She or supermarket in Japan says pork is a fatigue reliever. So I followed this suggestion and I decided to cook Tonkatsu! I just googled and it says pork contains a lot of vitamin B1 (or thiamine) which is apparently good for fatigue recovery.


It goes with shredded cabbage. It is very hard decision to make what to put on the cabbage. I usually have 3 choices: tonkatsu sauce, ponzu, or salad dressing (thousand island). On that evening, I chose ponzu.


It is still difficult for me to shred cabbage like a restaurant. I think I need a better knife or slicer. The best cabbage is thin, fluffy and has nice texture. I hope I can do something like this video next time.

It may be good for fatigue, but I got tired of cooking this and washing dishes! Haha. How I can relief cooking fatigue? Maybe another session of cooking!