Montreal Smoked Meat

Let’s take a break from introducing my cooking and let me share my dining experience with you.

As I like cooking, I like dining out as well.

Last week, I visited Dunn’s Famous where you can eat Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches etc.

dunn's famous sandwich

I ordered Super Montréal Smoked Meat. Fries can be substituted for soup or salad for no charge! It was huge.

dunn's famous sandwich2

Half way… Still big!

I checked several reviews and it seems reviews are mixed. Some really liked it, others said disappointing. When it comes to local special dishes/food, you cannot compete with the one in the birthplace. That can be said any kind of food like Japanese, Chinese, Greek food in Vancouver. But now I kind of have an idea what it looks like and tastes like. Looking forward to trying it in Montréal!