I believe… Google!

First time baking lasagna!


It was successful and I really liked my lasagna. Seriously, fennel seeds does make a trick!

lasagna 2

I’ve got some extra tomato sauce and thinking of using it for spaghetti. I also have more lasagna pasta and ricotta cheese, so I would love to try white lasagna next time!

It went well with red wine, too… I usually do not buy red wine as my dishes usually go with white. However, today’s lasagna was definitely good with red wine.

copper moon

Which recipe did I use? GOOGLE! I googled “lasagna recipe,” then the recipe called “World’s Best Lasagna” showed up on the top and that’s what I tried. It is important to read reviews and adjust the number of servings though. I also googled some videos and got ideas from both text-based and video-based sources.


If I used Yahoo! the recipe would not have shown up on the top and I may not encounter (although the world’s lasagna recipe is second link.)

♪I believe…(Nikki Yanofsky’s song) Google!