Everyday is Mission: Impossible

I went to watch Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol finally!

I was curious about this movie not only because it gets good reviews, but also because it was filmed in Vancouver!

It was fun to spot some Vancouver elements while watching it. Here are some of Vancity shoots (it could be a spoiler if you have not seen it.)

1. Phone scene in Russia: Under the Burrard Bridge

2. City scene in India: Vancouver Convention Centre

3. Pier 47 scene in Seattle: Granville Island

If you have been to Seattle’s waterfront, you could recognize this was not filmed in Seattle because you can see condos behind the bar.

Vancouver is called as “Hollywood North” as Hollywood could do stuff at a cheap production cost. Like Fringe, Hellcats, Life Unexpected and many other TV series are actually filmed in Vancouver!

Anyways, MI4 was great. I felt that shots are very beautiful, it was really exciting action film. I think Brad Bird did a really good job so did Tom Cruise. However, it would have been better if there were more complex story line.

The film kind of provided me with the alternative way to see my life in the morning. It is like MI4 – no time to think about it and just have to do it.

♪Mission Impossible theme song…

Turn off the alarm, wake up and get out of the bed
Enemy: “it would be ok if I sleep 5 more minutes”

Wash face and brush teeth, put on make up, get dressed
Enemy 2: “i don’t want to go to work… still sleepy…”

Cook breakfast and pack lunch
Enemy 3: “i don’t have time to wash dishes. i’ll do it when i come back!

Run to the bus stop and catch the bus.
Enemy 4: “can i just skip this bus and be late?”

Once I sit on the seat on the bus, MISSION COMPLETED!
Enemy 5: “shoot! she made it!”

Since I watched MI4, running to the bus stop in the morning reminds me of Tom Cruise (or Ethan Hunt). Although I need an umbrella, not goggles…

Mission continues…