First day of work

After relaxing new year’s weekend (or lazy weekend), now is the time to go back to work. No more sleeping in (until Friday…), no more unproductive lifestyle, no more binge drinking and eating etc.

The first day at work was as busy as usual. I love the time on the bus and skytrain after work. In the morning, commuting is all about waking up and turning myself into working mode. After work, commuting is all about thinking about dinner and fun.


After having traditional Japanese food in a row, I felt like Italian. Basil pesto spaghetti and tomato, basil and mozzarella salad.

okura spa

Boiled extra spaghetti and cooked okura and shirasu (baby fish) spaghetti with dashi flavour. It will go well with Japanese pepper powder. For tomorrow’s lunch.


Oshiruko and matcha latte for dessert. Where did my Italian night go? Well, I ended up having Japanese food, but I think there’s always a room for dessert (of course any kind of dessert). I declare I am Japanese! haha