National Chopsticks Day

Thank John-Bryan from Foodimentary for visiting my blog and liking my post! If he did not like my post, I would not be able to find such an awesome food blog!

According to his blog post, yesterday was National Chopsticks Day. As a Japanese who inherited a lot of cultural element from China, I celebrated this special day with food with chopsticks.

chicken noodle

Egg noodle with chicken bloth, topped with green onion and chicken. Dumplings with steamed bok choy as a side.


This is MY chopsticks. My grandma went to Fukui and bought Wakasa nuri chopsticks for me. According to Wikipedia, Wakasa chopsticks shares 80 % of chopsticks market in Japan and it has even gifted to President Obama!

The reason why I capitalized MY is usually each person has a personal set of chopsticks depending on their hand size, design preference etc. At home, I am supposed to use mine, my grandma is supposed to use hers. Distinction can be made based on size, design, colour or engraved family members’ names (custom order). This may be something different from an idea of fork, knife, and spoon.

I wish my chopstick technique is better. I have tried to fix it as I always embarrassed at a restaurant when non-Japanese people can use chopsticks more proper way than me (because they LEARNed proper way of using it rather they ACQUIREd as they grew up). Being abroad makes me realize things I have never cared in Japan.

I still feel that I should try to fix my usage of chopsticks, but I don’t want to try it tonight as noodles will get soft if I focus on my fingers!

Happy Chopsticks Day!