Thai Green Curry

One of the things I love about Vancouver is being able to experience a lot of different cuisines from different countries. This is one of the positive aspects of multicultural society.

Thai curry is one of the dishes I fell in love with in Vancity and started cooking at home as well. It is very easy to get curry paste and coconut milk here! (and relatively reasonable)

thai green curry

Today, I added sliced fried tofu to the curry. I have seen this for vegetarian patrons at a restaurant, but I have never tried before. I was not sure how it is going to taste. Surprisingly, it was very tasty. As green curry is very spicy, a chunk of tofu heals my burning tongue at times.

thai green curry2

I felt that I could have just put tofu. Next time I might want to make tofu-only green curry.

espresso potapple pie

After dinner, I made a cup of Americano and had a slice of apple pie.

It was very multicultural dinner, eh?