I have a friend who is First Nations and he has been suggesting me to make Bannock.

Bannock is pan-fried bread and is eaten by native people. Usually, people eat Bannock with fruit jam, smoked salmon or sprinkle cinnamon sugar.

I have had Bannock at Squamish Native Museum, but I have never made it by myself. As my friend has been bugging me and I happened to have a filet of salmon at home, I decided to try to cook Native-style dinner. Rice, salmon and Bannock, this is what my friend told me about his typical Bannock dinner.

native dinner

Check it out my first homemade Bannock!


I fried with medium heat and it seemed a bit high. The picture cannot tell, but I have to confess that the back of Bannock is a bit overcooked.

Not only their food culture, their arts and crafts are fascinating.

necklace and earringsdream catcher

These are my small collection of accessories and a room decoration made by Native people.

In contemporary arts, I am also intrigued by the way artists express their heritage. Brian Jungen and Sonny Assu are Nationally and Internationally recognized artists who are First Nations.

I am going to try another Bannock-making this weekend so I can have my friend, a.k.a. Bannock Critique tested my Bannock and get ☆☆☆!