Valentine’s Day Report

Well, as I am a single lady, I do not have a lot of things to report about Valentine’s Day…

However, nobody can stop me cooking Valentine’s Day-themed dinner!!

 chocolate mole

Chocolate mole, corn tortillas, ♥-shaped rice with slices of avocado and a wedge of lime.

Mole has been introduced by my previous Mexican roommate.
green mole

On that evening, I was going to use pre-made mole paste, but I found that the store in my hood sells only green mole paste. I immediately googled with my smartphone and found the chocolate mole recipe from scratch. There were tons of recipes available online, and I decided to try this one. This may not be an authentic mole recipe (some people commented like that), however, it gave me satisfying result. One thing I customized was I used dark chocolate and added more chocolate than what was instructed.

My first Chocolate mole was served by the other Mexican friend.
chocolate mole

The mixture of spiciness and sweetness was pretty much new to me and I am still learning this flavour.

I like the atmosphere of the city on Valentine’s Day. I spotted a lot of people with flowers, loves and kisses. Although I still feel it is highly commercialized, it is a great occasion to do something special or romantic.

To immerse myself in this romantic feeling, my playlist on that day was Jill Barber. I was planning on playing her song on my way home, then believe it or not, CBC radio 2 aired her songs on Canada Live!

CBC 2 was my Valentine♥♥♥