Home & Garden Show

I have anticipated this event and the day has come.

BC Home & Garden Show!!!

BC place was very big and it took almost 3 hours to walk through.
bc home and garden show

slicer demo bc home and garden show
There are variety of exhibitors ranging from kitchen equipments to garden fixtures. This washroom was so fancy and I would be reluctant to use…lol

bc home and garden show
Pig-shaped BBQ grill! So cute!

bc home and garden show

There are food booths as well and I tried some pulled pork BBQ sauces and tortilla chips. I bought a jar of “bacon jam” and spinach dip. I will update about it soon.

I have never thought I would like to own or buy a house or apartment. However, this exhibit definitely showed me that how exciting designing a house or apartment. Hmm… Just in case I win a lottery or change my mind, I should start planning on my dream house or apartment! Vancouver Home + Design Show is coming up in October 2012!