Souvenir 1

Souvenir 1 from BC Home and Garden show is…

spinach dip

Garlic spinach dip from Fresh is Best! You can see chopped spinach and it looks very fresh and natural. I checked their website and it says “Craving a healthier lifestyle, Colin and Lisa [founders & owners] set out looking for wholesome, whole foods to consume in a natural non-processed state without any additives or preservatives”. On top of this, they are proudly BC company!

tacos, mojito

The dip, tortilla chips, tacos and a grass of mojito!


I found taco seasoning recipe online and it turned out pretty well! I used to buy a packet of taco seasoning, but this seasoning is way better and now I can make taco rice or tacos whenever I want! (I think this tacos is Texas style as I used grounded beef…??)

Fresh is Best products are sold at several supermarkets in BC like Safeway, Donald’s Market, Save on Foods etc. It is definitely worth trying.

Next up is souvenir 2 report!