Where Am I? (Book)

Where Am I?” by Colin Ellard
where am i?

I came to know about this author when I was listening to CBC radio. This book is about how space impacts on people both physically and psychologically. First few chapters were not as exciting as expected because it is much more about science.

However, as the author moves onto his focus on human experience, I am really into his ideas.

This is one of the things I really agreed with:

Because of this tendency to see land as a form of currency, much less attention was paid to the relationship between the topography of an area and its conceptual value in economic units.


This manner of land subdivision, as we now know, not only ignores the importance of geographic features but also neglects the important contributions of our mental topography to the ways that we view, understand, and use city spaces.

This is totally what is happening in the current DTES (Downtown Eastside) neighbourhood. The land is perceived as a form of money and developments ignore the intangible ownership of property like residents and communities. As new community expands, existing community is displaced, losing affordability and accessibility.


The article on the current gentrification in DTES is available on Rabble.ca