Ramen is one of my favourite noodle soup!


I like miso ramen with a lot of vegetables – carrot, bean sprout, shimeji mushroom, and snap peas. I found this ramen at T&T and tried.

The producer is called Sun Noodle – it seems like they are originally from Hawaii, but now they have another branch in LA.

I actually really liked it and it is more reasonable than the ones from Japan. I also got shoyu (soy sauce) flavour one as well and I look forward to cooking it.

This texture of noodle is one of my favourites!


I believe Vancouver is one of the decent ramen places in North America. I might want to talk about it sometime soon as I am obsessed with ramen. My dad is really into ramen and he used to take me to different noodle places in town. He even drives 1 hour to eat a bowl of noodle! My palate is well-educated. I guess that is one of the greatest education he has provided me.