Sustainable Cooking


I watched Stanley Cup on Wednesday and I did cheer responsively with nachos & sausage! I wanted to sprinkle some cheese, but my cheese got moldy. I decided to put mayo as an alternative.

My friend gave me a bottle of sake and told me it goes with salsa. It was such an eye opener for me – who said that sake is cold and is only for Japanese food? FORGET ABOUT IT! This one is good for warm sake which will not compete with warm food, rather it creates harmony together.

Sadly, Canucks lost this game (2-4), but I still believe them! Stanley Cup just started, so there are still many chances.

What’s left after the game is fresh salsa. On the next day, I decided to add crushed pineapple and transformed into pineapple salsa.
fresh salsacrushed pineapple

Then it was used for my dinner – pork chop with pineapple salsa, rice and salad. It would be good with chicken, too.
dinnerpineapple salsa and pork chop

Living by myself always leaves a lot of leftovers and unused ingredients. How do you manage them? Cooking and Eating variety of dishes is sometimes challenging. Sometimes you would end up with eating same stuff for a week. Be creative and try to use them in different ways so you can enjoy cooking and eating every day. That’s what I call “sustainable cooking”.