Life Unexpected

When people enter a space where they are not familiar with, they lose part of their autonomy because they do not know about the space.

This may cause anxiety, uncomfortable feeling or even fear. However, this experience provides people with excitement, inspiration or fun at the same time.

The balance between anxiety and excitement varies a lot from person to person. Some people associate this “something unexpected” more positive than others. One of the best example would be how people behave when they visit somewhere they have never been like music concert or theatre.

sfu woodwards

Staying in the theatre takes away certain autonomy from you. This is because there is a certain rule to behave before, during, after the show at the theatre. You are not supposed to use your cell phone, stand up and move around, shout, scream or cough. Some people might feel umconfortable with this, others might enjoy this experience – something different from daily lives.

This is not only about certain spaces, but also about problem solving styles. When you face something unexpected, how would you cope with? Do you feel negative and afraid or do you try to feel positive and enjoy the process?

My favourite Japanese brain scientist, Kenichiro (Ken) Mogi talks about this a lot. He calls this something unexpected “contingency” and emphasizes that it is important to have something unexpected in your life and its balance. Since I learned this idea, I have been keeping this in my mind and always try to explore something new while keeping something familiar.

Life is always negotiation between expected and unexpected.