How to Promote

One of my favourite activities is observation of advertisements. Although I am fascinated with new form of advertisements (online), I still believe traditional form of advertisements like transit shelter ads.

Here’s my recent favourites.

1. Mc Donald’s Mc Smoothie Ad
This one went beyond of traditional one dimension advertisement. You cannot tell from this side, however, if you look at the other side…
mc smoothie

Strawberry! This is tangible, engaging, has a big impact. It triggers your desire to have strawberry (or Mc Smoothie).
mc smoothie
This ad understands nature of medium and it played with it creatively. Last year, I have also seen a transit shelter ad with fake glass on the ground. I believe it was for Sony or other TV manufacturer’s ad and their ad had a TV screen with soccer image. The fake grass was meant an extension of ad.

2. HP
The second one is nothing unique in terms of presentation, but I liked their message.
hp transit ad
Consumers are sometimes price oriented and make decisions based on its price. Like food or clothing industries, printer industry is in the middle of price wars as well. For me, many of printers offers similar quality and it makes difficult for me to find a right one. What would happen to me is that check my budget and find a printer which would be under the budget.

If a manufacturer cannot compete with function and/or quality, what they could do is lower the price. HP is definitely moving to the other side of the road. They are trying to establish their additional value which cannot be seen from the store and/or specifications.

This brand building tells consumers that they are not only just a printer manufacturer, but also they are part of consumers’ creative process. In other words, they sell solution. This added value helps the company not to participate in price wars and establish certain brand identity.

The most successful brand in this case would be apple. Their product like ipad is way more expensive than other tablets, however, it still attracts a lot of people. Why? It is all about their brand image and identity, or added value.

I need to investigate this more as this is becoming my project at work…