DIY Pita

Here comes DIY Pita night-!
DIY pita

I hit my pinky toe against my windowsill this morning and it hurts a lot. Standing and walking is painful and this is the best dinner to cure. LOL. I can sit down and continue cooking!

First pita is beef souvlaki with spinach, tomato, cucumber, onion and tzatziki sauce.
beef pita

Second pita is experimental – Chinese roasted pork with same ingredients.
pork pita
It was actually delicious, but it might be better if I get Chinese BBQ pork. Unlike souvlaki beef, Chinese roasted pork’s flavour disappeared when I put tzatziki sauce. To create a great harmony, using Chinese BBQ pork would go well as it has stronger taste.

This set-up was somewhat inspired by Japanese sushi cones or temaki. In Japan, making sushi cones at home is more popular than making sushi or sushi rolls. We set up rice, fish and other ingredients on the table. People take seats, then continue cooking and eating. It gives people an opportunity to experiment or invent unique sushi cones as well.

Hmm… DIY Pita was great. What else I can do like this? DIY taco? DIY burrito? I need more ideas to heal my fifth toe:P