To-Eat List in Japan

I am planning to go to Japan next month am super duper excited about it.
Meeting family and friends are of course something I am looking forward, but on top of this, food is another excitement source.

The list below may not be the list you would expect. However, as I like junk food (or B-kyu gourmet in Japanese), I can’t help listing them! These are affordable, but tasty.

My To-Eat List is growing.

1. Starbucks: Chocolate cookie crumble with white chocolate pudding frappuccino (available only in Japan)

This looks very tempting. I must try this.

2. McDonald’s: Chicken Tatsuta (available only in Japan, this menu has been terminated, but it is coming back for a limited time!)

I have to grab teriyaki burger and shrimp burger as well. I miss Japan McDonald’s!

3.Korakuen: ¥290 Cheap ramen

This is the cheapest ramen I can find in the city. It is cheap, but it is very decent and way better than eating something else at this price.

4. Yoshinoya: Beef bowl
beef bowl

I can’t wait to have beef bowl there! I would order poached egg, miso soup, and pickled vegetable for sides.

5. Harbs: giant cakes

Their cake is very big – like True confections. But it is delicious and I will guarantee you can finish it without any efforts.

6. Saizeria: ¥299 Doria (page 4)
Saizeria is cheap italian restaurant and I cannot count how many times I have been there when I was a student. They have comfortable atmosphere and it was great for meetings or hangout.

My list never ends… I am not sure how many I could complete within one week!!! To show off Vancouver spirit, I gotta wear lululemon yoga pants all the time so I don’t have to worry about my pants:P