Tripple Nipples


katsu don

We dropped by Kita no Donburi on Hastings x Seymour before going to Tripple Nipple’s show at W2. I would say price was decent. I orderd Katsu don and it came with miso soup. Their rice was okay, but I wish it was better. I think this is because we went there 30 mins before they close…


The show was very fun. I think they are Japanese Lady Gaga! I checked their website and saw popcorn hats, rice hats, spaghetti hats like Gaga’s meat dress!! Needless to say, their costume and makeup was unique and it was very avant-garde. Audiences were totally into it.

I have never heard about Tripple Nipples when I was in Japan. It is amazing to discover unique talents from home like this.