When you bought one head of cabbage, what would you do? Here’s what I do.

Okazu’s Cabbagepedia

Spaghetti with cabbage, bacon or shrimp and cream sauce
Easy to make, but it is tasty. Sweetness of cabbage goes really well with bacon/shrimp and creamy sauce.

Eat as is
chicken wings and sobachicken wings
Shredded cabbage goes well with thousand island dressing (and wings!). I wish I could shred cabbage better.

One is topped with chopped green onion, the other is bonito powder.

Cabbage Roll
cabbage roll
I just wrap them and boil with Campbell consomme soup!

As much as possible!

Quick Cabbage Pickle
green currypickled cabbage
It is so easy to make. This is refreshing and great side for something spicy like Thai green curry. Just shred cabbage, chop cucumber and cilantro, then add wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Wait for 10 mins and ready to eat! I would have add some carrots if I have it.

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