Bento Boxes: Generation Two

New bento boxes motivate me to cook harder!

This brand-new bento box consists of two containers. It is perfect for rice bowl, noodle with condiments, or rice with side dishes. This time, I packed tempura udon.
Close the rid and wrap with a piece of cloth. Now I can’t wait for lunch!
bento box 3bento box 4
Next bento box can keep chopsticks inside.
soborobento box

I also got another one, but I have not used this yet. I am thinking of packing inari (marinated deep fried tofu pocket with rice) and other side dishes.
new bento box 3

These are my generation one bento boxes.
gen 1 bento boxes

I can still use them, but sometimes you get bored with using the same boxes. It is refreshing to have new ones.