Vancouver Farmers Market

As I mentioned before, Vancouver Farmers Market on Main Street kicked off today!
Here’s what I got! Radish, three types of tomatoes, strawberries.
Here’s my bagna càuda-! I burnt my tongue when I tasted it while the pot was on the stove… haha
bagna cauda
Vegetables from the market was super fresh! They were juicy and taste totally different from the ones from grocery stores. It was not pricey, either and you have fun interacting with farmers. This adds value to the veggies. A.K.A. intangible value. Second course was rosemary chicken. I marinated from the previous night.
rosemary chicken
Then the third course was strawberry in the matini glass. Freshness talks.
That’s not end of the dinner. Cannelé de Bordeaux and cappuccino! There are french bakery, cheese, honey, chocolate sold in the market as well. Yup, cannelé de Bordeaux is from the market.
cannelé de Bordeaux
Small things make me big smile:))