Main Street

main st
Last week, I went to Main Street to get my friend’s B-day gift. Main Street is one of my favourite areas where there are a lot of small shops which are unique and creative. Let me give you a tour of Main Street.

19th Avenue
Welk’s Discount Store (3511 Main St)
welk's discount store
Welk’s Discount Store is reasonably priced household products store! I really like their kitchen stuff. It is higher quality than dollar store, but price is affordable.

20th Avenue
Vancouver Special (3612 Main Street)
vancouver special
This store has lovely and unique stuff. It might be a bit pricey for me, but it is a place where you can get some inspiration.

21st Avenue
Sweet Revenge (4160 Main Street)
sweet revengesweet revenge2
This cake shop opens from 7pm till midnight. Nice decor and Victorian-ish atmosphere.

Front and Company (3772 Main Street)
the front
This store sells cute clothing, accessories and more! Their window display is always entertaining.

23rd Avenue
The Regional Assembly of Text (3934 Main Street)
the regional assembly of text
This store has really nice cards, wrapping papers, bags and more! You can use typewriter and make your own cards and buttons.

King Edward Avenue
Rags & Dishes (4213 Main St)
rags & dishesplacemats
Kitchen stuff outlet store. Cute place mats, aprons, tea towels and more! They have cute cups and dishes at an incredible price! I got some place mats for myself.

Today is actually Car Free Day on Main Street! It is time to explore on Main Street again!