Plate makes perfect!

I have talked this before, but living by yourself sometimes forces you to eat same dish for a while. For example, when you cook curry or stew, it is not easy to make one servings of curry. However, there is a way to enjoy this. Changing the way you present it.

I cooked chicken with creamy sauce on the other day and I ended up making for 4 servings.
veggies beforeveggies after
I really like this dish because it lets me enjoy vegetables. As you can see, the picture of pot on the left does not have liquid, but after simmering the pot for 30 mins, onions and tomatoes melt and it makes really nutritious and tasty soup. I did not use water at all. Only liquid I put was a bit of sake and one circle of whipping cream at the end.

First day, I had this dish in a very Japanese way with warm sake.
dish 1dish 1-2
sakesake 2

Second day, I had the same dish, but in a yoshokuya style (a style of Western-influenced cooking). Instead of using traditional Japanese plates, I replaced plates which I usually use for Western or European cooking. I also used fork instead of chopsticks. This changes your culinary experience.
dish 2dish 2-1
mango lemonade
Rice is not in the bowl. Instead, rice is on the plate like yoshoku restaurants. Drink is not sake, but mango lemonade.

Of course, it comes with dessert. Mille-feuille-like strawberry cake.

There are still 2 more servings left. I think I will have this with dinner rolls with salad next time. White wine would go with this… hehe. Presentation and drink paring totally change the way you can enjoy the same dish.