Super Easy Strawberry Sauce

Two packs of strawberry for only $2.00! How do you enjoy this before it gets bad? Keep the half as fresh, use the other half for strawberry sauce. It only takes 10 mins to make and you can use it for yogurt, milk, ice cream, cake etc.

1. Cut strawberry, put lemon juice and mix with sugar in a microwavable bowl. Amount of sugar depends on your preference. I usually just add to coat strawberries evenly and try to keep the original flavour as much as possible.
strawberry 1

2. Microwave it for 3 mins.
strawberry 2
Sometimes the liquid boils over. Watch the bowl, stop and mix it if necessary.

3. Check the condition of strawberry. Microwave another 3 mins.
strawberry 3
You can stop at this point if you would like to keep the strawberries’ fresh texture. However, I prefer microwaving another 3 mins.

4. If needed, microwave another few minutes, if not, it is done!
strawberry 4
Can’t wait to make strawberry milk. The sauce is still warm, but I don’t care!
strawberry milkstrawberry milk
The sauce can be used for cake decoration like this.
strawberry sauce

It’s easy, but it can be used for variety of purposes. On top of that, it has no preservatives and you can control sweetness!