Mac Cheese

I have been interested in trying macaroni cheese since 2008! I have seen a lot of Kraft’s macaroni and cheese box, but I have never had a chance to.

Few months ago, my first mac and cheese experience was given at Rhizome Cafe and I discovered how lovely it is. Then, I decided to cook by myself.
mac and cheesemac and cheese after
Before putting the oven and after.
mac and cheese close up
mmmm…. I boiled 2 cups of elbow macaroni and 1 cup of cheddar cheese. I had 1/4 for dinner, and I think I had too much! But this is so addictive! The taste is very mild (I put a pinch of salt, otherwise taste comes from cheese sauce and paisley) and you can eat a lot. 1/8 would have been enough, though. Next time, I should half the amount, otherwise I will have to buy another pair of jeans…