I heart Chicken♥

I needed some vegetables! I was craving salad.

I seasoned chicken with salt, pepper, oregano, basil and italian spice. The chiken breast I got looks like ♥!!!
Then, steamed in the pot. Steaming is healthier than frying and tastier than boiling.
chicken in the pot
Got some chicken soup as well!
chicken soup
My salad completed. Chicken soup I got was very rich and salty, I added some hot water to make a mug of soup.
chicken saladsalad closeup
This is the dressing I used. Lemon thyme balsamic dressing. It was refreshing and went with chicken. It is from Whole Foods. The bowl of spinach pasta salad is also from whole foods. Their deli has really good stuff at a reasonable price.
lemon dressingspinach pasta salad
Steaming vegetables is also good. It keeps its nutrition and it does not require any oil to cook. I want to make warm vegetable salad next time so I can steam red peppers, onions, and more!