Summer Night Market

Last weekend, I went to Summer Night Market in Richmond.
summer night market
This year, there are two night markets in Richmond. I went to the older one which is close to IKEA.
cell phone coversstage
Walking through a lot of different shops and the stage, food tents showed up!
There are many tornado potatoes and everyone was eating. On top of that, there was a tornado cake.
tornado cake
This noodle was only $2. It was special.
chow mein
You can’t forget about bubble tea. There were some bubble tea tents, but the price was not fixed unlike other event vendors. Some sell for $3, others sell for $4.50. It was interesting.
bubble tea
I should not have bought this because I was already full after the bubble tea. How can you resist having a bag of deep fried chicken?
deep fried chicken
It was fun, delicious, and good shopping place for cell phone covers, charms and cheap accessories. I should go check out again:) It makes me feel summer and reminds me of food tents at the Japanese summer festivals.