Dessert @ home

These are super easy dessert ideas – it is easy to prepare, but delicious!

Peach Parfait – fresh peach and vanilla ice cream inspired by MINISTOP’s parfait. (I used to work part-time there… haha)
peach parfait
Baked Apple – with vanilla ice cream. Make a hole, put cinnamon, butter, sugar (and raisin if you have) and put in the oven for 20-30 mins.
baked apple
Dessert plate – just put things you like! Tiramisu from Whole Foods Market, peach and chocolate sandwich cookies.
a la carte

No energy to do these stuff? Eat fruits as is! There are many seasonal and fresh fruits available in Summer. I like to play with bowls. These are my new mini-bowls♥ I think Cherries and berries fits in them perfectly. Actually, blue one is usually used for dipping sauce bowl for soba/somen/udon noodles.