Cold Noodles

When your body is hot, you crave something cold. It is not only something to drink, but also something to eat. I am not talking about ice cream this time. In summer, cold noodles cool you down.

Cold udon with neba neba (okura and natto): neba neba is Japanese food onomatopoeia. It is used if something is sticky and slimey.
Somen: It is like angel pasta. This noodle is very thin and you can eat a lot! To have balanced diet, I usually try to have protein like this picture – deep fried squid!
Cold pasta: olive oil dressing with basil and tomato.
cold pastacold pasta close up

There are a lot of events this weekend in Vancouver. Sawan Mela, The Garlic Festival, Latin Summer Festival and more! Which one(s) are you going? Stop complaining the heat and gotta enjoy the sun before we have to welcome rain and clouds.