4th Anniversary!

On August 26, 2008, I arrived at YVR and my life in Canada kicked off.

Last weekend, I decided to celebrate my survival (lol) with my new camera at Granville Island.
new camera

I enjoyed playing with my new camera.

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Then I went home with a lot of goodies and held my 4th anniversary partee!
Watched “The Skin I Live In.”

Director Pedro Almodóvar never disappoint us. It was psychological horror and it gives intangible fear. Unlike Hollywood horror movie, there are no gross visual depiction, but it gives you goosebumps through conversation and music.
Then I had a quiche from Granville Island Public Market and a cream brulee for dessert.

I was supposed to look back my 4 years in Vancouver and set up my goal for the 5th year of my life in Vancouver, but I fell asleep because of my home-made white sangria… Oh well…