I needed a vacation. I decided to have a small trip to Kelowna.

Vancouver is still a small city, but Kelowna is much smaller than Vancity. RELAXING – Yes, that’s what I was looking for.

We had a nice dinner and wine at The Rotten Grape. There is a red wine machine like fast food juice machine! This is way nicer, though.

Local Zucchini ($8-ish?): It was so good! I could have had one or more bowl of this!

Lamb Meatball ($8-ish?): Absolutely fantastic!
lamb meatball

Super Thin Crust Pizza ($12-ish?): The crust was very thin! It went with wine.

That was our first day.

On the next day, we went to Cedar Creek Estate Winery.

cedar creek gardencedar creek garden

I took a tour ($7) and it was very informative. After the tour, the winery offered 4 different kind of wines for tasting.

cedar creek winerycedar creek winery

Lunch at the restaurant! Vegetable Lasagna and Pinot Gris♥♥ Instead of pasta, layer of zucchini is used and it was just fantastic!
cedar creek winery

Vineyards – This is the scenery I have been dreaming of!
cedar creek winerycedar creek winery

I am very relaxed and it was such a refreshing trip. Maybe, because, I have received some spiritual power from Ogopogo? hehe.

On my way back to Vancity, I passed the city called Hope which is close to Tashme (currently called Sunshine Valley). This place used to have Japanese Internment Camp during WWII.


Even after 60+ years, this area is just filled with trees. I could imagine that how it was isolated and there was no way to escape. Maybe that’s why the camp did not have any fencing around. (I googled some images and it seemed there is no fencing around the camp.)

Before the trip, I was very busy and I consumed a lot of Red Bull… Now my body is filled with wines. DETOX completed! lol.

Home, home sweet home. Now my home is sweeter with some bottles of wines I brought from Kelowna♪♪