IDS West

Since last year, I started going to some of trade shows to learn about display design. When I started a new job, I did not know anything about trade show and going to some shows accessible to regular people at very reasonable cost helped me a lot. IDS (Interior Design Show) West is one of them.
IDS West

I don’t remember if they had a craft booth in 2011, but they had a lot of crafts this year – necklaces, paper amps for iPhone, cushion covers, bags etc.

This year’s bar counter was made with Bocci‘s boxes and lights! I am working hard to get this light in the future!
bocciids west - bocci

Other cool stuff from this year’s IDS West.
ids west  - lightids west - drawer

Also attended guest speaker, Amanda Forrest‘s lecture. She talked about some tips on home makeover. It was very informative and practical. Especially, I was really fascinated by gallery wall. I would like to have one in my room! She doesn’t tell us to use expensive things and suggested us to go to IKEA or frame postcards etc. Sometimes these lectures are not useful because you will not be able to afford items or not enough room, however, her lecture was very practical and useful for those who have limited budget.
ids west - lecture
Note: How to create a gallery wall

I am renting the first floor of the house and it is furnished already. Therefore, I do not invest in furniture etc. much. But, I would like to change a bit so I can feel different. Wel, gotta to go to IKEA to revamp my house!