Yup. We had a big dinner. Thanksgiving orphans (those who does not have family here or their family is out of BC) got together and did potluck dinner.
thanksgivingthanksgiving dinner

Every year, I am an irresponsible eater and eat too much. This year, I tried to eat responsibly.

I brought stuffed potatoes and Japanese baked sweet potatoes.
stuffed potatostuffed potatoes2

This is my favourite sweets in Japan. When I lived in Nagoya, I always saved up some money for Matsuzo Potato… I got a recipe from Cookpad. We had cheesecake, apple cake and of course pumpkin cake<3
sweet potatopumpkin cake

Of course, what comes after Thanksgiving is turkey fest. I made a big pot of soup and had as is on the first day. Later, I added milk and had with pasta, made gratin-ish dishes and closed my turkey week.
turkey soup

Now I am back to regular food life:)