Winter Salad

Sadly, we have to admit that winter is coming.
streetmaple leaves
This means you might want to be ready your winter wardrobe as well as switch your eating habits. I usually crave warm or spicy meals in winter. Sometimes this is an issue. I tend to cook a lot of noodles (udon, ramen etc.) and less vegetables. To avoid this, warm winter salad is my solution.
winter saladwinter salad
It is super easy. Either boil, steam, or microwave your favourite vegetables and grill a little bit. This day, I just sprinkled some sea salt and enjoyed its natural flavour. It is so addictive and I ended up cooking this two days straight. On the second day, I also cooked one piece of italian sausage and enjoyed them with two kinds of mustard.
winter saladmustard
winter salad
Packed leftover for the next day’s lunch. Round container is bacon ranch dressing. This is the time to explore different kind of dips and dressings so I can find my favourite companion for my winter salad.
winter salad