Coffee and Tea

I drink pop and juice, but it is occasionally. I don’t have them in my fridge. What do I drink then? I drink coffee and tea with ice cream and cookies!
sweet potatoesmug
Baked sweet potatoes and vanilla ice cream. My favourite multi-coloured mug cup is from $1 store!
chinese cookiesjasmin tea
Chinese cookies and mooncakes with a pot of Jasmine tea. Again, the pot is from $1 store and the cup is from one of the stores in Chinatown. It was ridiculously cheap, but it has nice blue flower pattern around.
apple cakeapple cake and tea
I baked apple cake and had a piece with green tea. The plate is from Yokoyaya at the International Villege and tea cup is from IKEA.

And I listen to this song: Java Jive!