Rice Bar

After work, I am taking a course every Mondays. By the time I arrive at home, it is already 10:00 pm. I could cook decent dinner, but I would rather have something simple and save energy for other things – like blogging! lol.
rice bar
All I want is rice, miso soup and some condiments.
Tuna with black pepper and soy sauce. Sometimes I also add mayo. This tuna is not tuna in water. It is tuna in oil otherwise it will be too fishy. I usually buy the one called Rio Mare.
A visitor from Japan gave me this tsukudani and this is just amazing. I could have bowls of rice just with this. Tsukudani is Japanese condiment which is simmered with soy and mirin. There are many kinds such as nori, seafood etc. This one is bonito powder and sesame.
I also had kimchi.

It is very quick, simple and easy dinner. However, it satisfies me a lot.

Hmm… I need more options for my rice bar. What else I could pair with rice?