Review: Last Week

Last week was again BUSY! I had a Chinese class, community meeting, content strategy seminar and committee meeting. Some people are worrying about me as I seem to be a sleepless animal! I also do concern about my both mental and physical health and care about what I eat while I don’t have much time to cook.

Let’s revisit what I had and how I survived last week.

Monday: After my Chinese class, I was super exhausted and did not have any energy to cook. Then, I found I had some butter chicken, sir fry vegetable, and naan. Thank (Indian) God!
butter chicken
Tuesday: I had some energy to cook, but I was already tired and hungry. Instead of taking out some food from a restaurant, I decided to cook instant noodle. I put some green onions, ham and ginger.
Then, I felt I should be eating vegetables and steamed as many vegetables I wanted. I packed them for my lunch on the next day. I also cooked two kinds of Italian sausage from Whole Foods Market. This is my fourth or fifth time that I cooked winter salad… Yes, it is simple and delicious!winter salad
The table I found on facebook is really informative and helpful.
vegetable cooking chart
When I finished cooking, it was almost 11pm. Needless to say, I collapsed on the bed…lol

Wednesday: I attended a seminar on content strategy and had some sandwich there. It was not enough, but I was not super hungry. So, I decided to have some cheese, spinach dip, zucchini, crackers and Italian sausage with wine. I could leave there sooner than I expected and I really spent relaxing time – just watching TV!
wine and cheesecheese, zucchini, spinach dip
italian sausagecrackers
This VQA wine from Hillside Winery, Okanagan was very good. It is dry and full body.
red wine

Thursday: After the committee meeting, I dropped by T & T and bought some Chinese food and cooked rice at home. Today, I tried Dassai – sake from Japan. I wanted to find out what all the fuss is about and learned it is not my taste. When it is cold/room temperature, it is ok. Once you warm it up, it becomes different and all the bad things hidden stood out. I feel bad about making negative comments about where I am from and its culture, however, I feel disappointed that none of authentic delicious sake have not arrived abroad yet. *sigh*
Friday: My friend is closing his donair restaurant and I had dinner at his restaurant. I always order this donair platter – every time he serves with different items and I love it. Also chai nana (black tea with fresh mint) is my favourite drink here. It is huge, but I finished them all… lol.

His restaurant is 3-star average restaurant, but he was connected to the community and I will definitely miss his store and presence in this neighbourhood. Khodahafez!
donair platter