I’m extremely sensitive to cold and my room is always tropical warm. I cannot believe some people are still walking outside with foodie or even T-shirts!

Yesterday was cold and I really felt that I should eat something warm for dinner. Until I got home, I have no idea what I should cook and this song popped into my mind.

Gangnam Style!

Then, I remembered that I have kimchi, gochujang and spam! Inspired by budae jjigae and the song, my Gangnam style hot pot became like this!
hot pot

맛있어요! (Ma Sit Sso Yo) – means delicious in Korean.
hot pot 2hot pot 3
My friends are into K-pop these days and I got to know some Korean pop groups.

In North America, many of singers are solo lately and I miss dance groups! They definitely reminds me of Back Street Boys.

miss A
How come Korean singers and its music videos are so sexy but Korean dramas are so pure?

Girls’ Generation
My friends’ the least favourite group…

Having seen current Korean entertainment’s energy, I think Japanese music sector should feel sense of urgency. In the past, J-pop was something admired by Korea, Taiwan or China, but looking at Korea’s rapid development, I really think Japanese entertainment should feel it as a threat and do something! For example, Infinite sings songs in Japanese and it is very popular in Japan, too. Also, two of miss A’s members are Chinese. One or two members of Girls’ Generation were born in the U.S. Korean music groups have more diverse representation of ethnicity and background.

Japan has been well-known as creativity and ideas as it doesn’t have much natural resources. However, being on the top might have made Japan a bit lazy…