Dreaming My Supper Club

Few months ago, I read an article about underground restaurants in Vancouver. These restaurants are also called “supper club.”

It is not a restaurant, but you can enjoy delicious meals at someone’s house or other locations. People will pay for food and they serve drinks or you can bring your own bottles. The biggest difference from restaurants would be it is not licensed. They don’t have liquor license or their kitchen is not inspected by Coastal Health etc. The advantage of this is chefs can experiment menus and people enjoy meals in more comfortable and home-like environment.

The idea is very intriguing and I checked some of them online. It looks amazing! Many of them costs $50 or so, but I think it’ll be worth it!

Then, I started dreaming of my supper club. I would be interested in hosting a supper club. Is it going to be Japanese or something else? I will have to think about it!

If someone wanted to join my supper club last night, you could have enjoyed this:
Rosemary potatoes, kale and caramelized onion with goat cheese brie melt, Italian sausage from Gelderman Farms in Abbotsford.
rosemary potatokale and caramelized onion with goat cheese melt
I’m not sure how much people would be interested in paying, but I would say $10-20 sliding scale, I guess?

Another dream is penciled in my to-do list:)