Got Craft? Sunday

Last week, I had to miss a craft fair because I had too many things to do. Yesterday, I finally made it to a craft fair!
got craft?
We went to Got Craft? at Croatian Cultural Centre. Entry fee was $3.00.

It was so packed!
got craft
Here are some craft items I got from Got Craft?

Salted caramel, root beer and vanilla cupcakes from bakesale(one for $2.50, three for $7.00)
I tried samples and I had to get them right away!

Mozzarella cheese making kit from Make Cheese Inc. ($35.00)
mozzarella kit
For my friend’s b-day.

Cards from Designs by Val (one for $5.00, six for $20.00)
I have too many cards already, but this Vancouver stamp is special and I’d like to send this to my friends/family in Japan!

Necklace ($20.00)
I loved the design and could not resist.
3D printed cat ($5.00)
I love 3D printer and what is possible to be made. I wanted to get a squirrel, but they did not have one today.
cat and necklace
More pictures from Got Craft?
kawaii eatsgot craft
got craftgot craft
It is one of a kind and you can browse different designs and styles at a time. It is time-efficient but it is very special!

There are more craft fairs next week and I might be going. Instead of buying mass-produced items from big stores, I like to talk with producers and support local economy. This is my first step to become more ethical person.