Recently, I started using my smart phone more often to do tasks I used to do with my laptop such as emailing, tweeting, facebooking, and blogging! Previous blog was posted from my Android.


The research conducted by Pew showed that 87% of smartphone owners access the internet or email from their phone. Some suggest smartphone or tablet will replace your laptop.

mashable also says 2013 is the year of responsive web design (RWD). RWD is a practice of web design which accommodates multiple devices and provides the best viewing experience. More and more people will read emails and check websites from their phone or tablet. To adopt to this change, web pages should become multiple device friendly.

As I do marketing for a living, when I create e-newsletters or e-campaigns, we check html emails not only on the computer, but also on the phone to see how it looks like.

Actually, I think Japan had reversed development on this. Before a smart phone becomes popular, Japan had mobile internet (the most famous one is called imode) and there are many websites for mobile browsing. People blogged and wrote stories etc. In my generation, Deep Love, the online novel was very popular. The story was posted online and people read with their phone. Eventually, it became a book and even movie!

Although I bought a new laptop and I am loving it, I started spending more time with my phone and I can see how RWD will become important.
Before looking forward to seeing more RWD on the internet, I need to think about Responsible Waist Design this holiday season… hahaha