Seattle 1-Day Trip!

Last week, my friend and I went to Seattle by car. We left my house at 5:30am. Luckily, traffic was not busy at all. When we arrived at the Pike Place, it was around 8:30am. The market was still empty and quiet. Then, our stomach started growling…

Yup. Breakfast at The Crumpet Shop.

This is my second time to have a crumpet breakfast. I had pesto egg and ham crumpet and my friend had the most popular salmon egg crumpet.

Later, we walked around and did some shopping. I was surprised there’s a TARGET just few blocks away from the public market. Then, we felt hungry again and went back to the public market.
fish marketcrab
Crab cocktail ($10) as a starter…
clam chowder
Then 4 kinds of chowder at Pike Place Chowder. Yummmmmmmm

Of course, we need to pay the first Starbucks a visit!
I heard about their super expensive coffee and asked about it. It was not available at the first Starbucks, but a barista told me the other Starbucks a block away from their store might have it. We decided to go check it out and learned it was sold out! I wonder who pays $6 for a tall coffee? I know if you go to a hotel and order coffee in Japan, sometimes it costs that much, but it’s at a Starbucks!
starbucks menu
Of course, we also went to Uwajimaya and I was super excited and ended up having another shopping spree!

To wrap up our trip, we had a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I loved their Cajun Jambalaya Pasta so much! It was very big and we just ordered a salad, a pasta and one cheesecake to share, but we even had some leftover to take home.
pastakale salad
Of course, we had a cheesecake:)

It was a short and quick trip, but it is totally different between Vancouver and Seattle. Things are cheaper, demography is different (more African decent people and less Asian). I definitely want to visit again!